You’re gonna run

I think vulnerability is giving someone the power to hurt you and trusting they won’t use it.

I think crying sucks.

I think being sick is annoying

I think doctors are scary

and I think everyone should go to therapy at some point in their life even if they’ve always been healthy.

I used to think the World Race had hardened my heart enough to where I could look at suffering and not be moved.
Now I think it just made my heart strong enough that I can look at suffering and do something about it instead of being emotionally paralyzed by it.

I know Jesus understands me, because when he was suffering, eleven of the people closest to him ran away. Even God turned his back on him. Jesus has known the deepest rejection and loneliness it’s possible for anyone to feel, so that we never have to.

“You’re gonna run, it’s all right, everybody does.”



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