Friday Feelings May 13th.

Now that we’ve sufficiently acknowledged the fact that I have multiple dead friends to be sad about this time of year, it’s beyond time to distract people from the mess that is my real life and record some light, nonsensical feelings instead. Soooo…

If you want a perfect example of my addictive personality in action, let’s talk about that time when I took a break from baseball and watched all 46 episodes of Scorpion in one week.
I’m not even sure if I like balance, but even if I did I’m virtually incapable of achieving it anyways.

Thankfully this show is an absolute jewel in the desert of non-cable TV and I don’t regret a minute spent watching it. It’s about lovable geniuses saving the world from secret high-tech threats and it’s just FUN. Like a roller coaster that’s all heart-racing in the middle but still lands you safely in the end. It isn’t super intense like House of Cards or crazy dramatic like Orange Is the New Black or trying too hard to be funny like the Big Bang Theory. Which are all shows that I like…but Scorpion is a show that I love.

Because what’s not to love? It’s full of everything good.
All the action and all the feels, both at once like Firefly(but more relatable because it doesn’t take place in space).
An ensemble cast with endless options for development(where they keep revealing just enough to keep you hooked but not so much that you ever begin to question how much longer they’ll stay interesting).
Smart people who are also funny. They’re different from the rest of the world but still found a family to do life with and a job they can thrive in.
So much room for activities. And it’s only had two seasons, so it’s not too late to start getting into it.

If you need more convincing, my mom likes it, which means there’s absolutely nothing offensive whatsoever, my littlest brother likes it, which means it’s not very violent or disturbing…and if my computer genius dad can suspend disbelief long enough to enjoy it, I don’t think anyone else can complain about their unrealistic heroics either. IT’S TV Y’ALL. It’s supposed to be fun. The good guys are supposed to win. The world is supposed to get saved even if it means breaking in and out of Fort Knox(oops, spoilers). Their adventures are no more far-fetched than any of Jack Bauer’s, and he got eight seasons of them.

I’ll gladly hang with these characters for eight years if they’ll stick around.


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