Things and lists

Things That Make Me Bounce-worthy Happy
(My friend Casey told me once “Sometimes you get so happy that it’s like you’re wagging a tail you don’t have.” If you know me even a little bit you’ve probably seen the exact bouncing motion I’m talking about and this is one of many qualities that convince people I’m half a puppy)
1. That beautiful phase of watching a new show when you’ve worked into that groove where you feel like the characters are your friends but you’re still learning new things to love about them because you’re still in the first few episodes.
2. Hugs.
3. Spontaneous hangout times, because when they’re planned, people have time to cancel and I have time to look forward to it and then get disappointed. No plans=no hopes. Plus surprises are just the best.
4. When a customer pays for the stranger behind them in line.

Things I’m Determined to Do Someday
(of midlevel importance)
1. Go on a date
2. Hug David Ortiz
3. Catch a ball at a major league game
4. Pay off my student loans

Things That Have Always Been the Same
1. I’ve always had trouble sleeping and I’ve always been a night owl. By that I mean, I was nine months old the first time I ever slept through a full night, and my earliest childhood memories are of lying awake in bed quietly singing entire Chris Rice albums from beginning to end because I could. not. sleep. This was before I could read; once that happened I’d sneak books under my bed and read until my brain finally shut off.
2. I’ve always hated rice.
3. I’m positive I was born with ADD. Most cases are developed, but some people’s brains are that way from day one and anyone who knew me as a child would testify that I’m among the second kind.
4. I’ve always had a good memory, and I’ve always loved when people ask to store things in my head.

Things That Used to be Different
1. I wasn’t always afraid of the dark. That started when I was eight.
2. I used to like chocolate and I can’t remember exactly when I stopped; the first time I remember telling someone I didn’t like it was in ninth grade at a Christmas party, but I’m sure I didn’t just suddenly decide it in that moment.
3. I used to want to live in South Carolina forever and never get on a plane, much less leave the country for eleven months.
4. I used to love journaling, now it’s a chore. Writing I love; recording my day to day life, I dread.

Things I Felt Like Thinking About
1. Now and then I get sad that I had to change my major, because I LOVE learning about anything to do with psychology, I just wasn’t smart enough to write the papers or pass the tests.
2. Sometimes I pretend I don’t remember people’s names so they’ll feel okay if they forgot mine, because I’m aware that I’m abnormally good with names and most people need to meet someone more than once.
3. I think I love Scorpion so much because it’s about a bunch of people who are different but still fit perfectly in their job. I’m Paige in real life even though I wish I was Toby.
4. God put an extra dose of humor in the part of my brain where a sense of direction should be. So I can’t navigate to save my life, but at least I can write a witty story about it once I find my way home.
5. I like TV better than movies because you get to hold onto the characters for longer. Also because I have attachment issues and an obsessive personality…you can spend days watching every episode of a show while a movie is over in a few hours at most.
6. It bothers me just a tad that every other list has only four points and this one has six. Five if you don’t count this one pointing out the numbers.


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