About Me

Making my awkwardness work for the glory of God, longing to make my thoughts short enough to be readable, and laughing my way through life.
And I like hugs.



Here’s a longer version for those who are more curious or just have more time on their hands.
Because when I read blogs I like to know who’s talking to me. If you’re like me, keep going.

-I love Jesus and love writing about what he’s doing. Please ask me more about him.

-I graduated from CIU in December 2013(one semester late, not early).

-My church family is my favorite gift from God.

-I’m an ESFJ, a DI, an Orange, a 7(with an 8 wing), and a personality typing addict with no plans to recover. Also my love language is physical touch, my spiritual gifts are service and compassion…and if you know of any tests I didn’t just list, you’ll be my favorite if you send me a link.

-I’ve lived with severe social anxiety since I was 21 and depression since I was 18. I talk about them all the time because too many other people feel alone with them.

-I went on the World Race in July 2014. If you’re curious you can check out my whole separate blog here. #fsquadforever

-I LOVE baseball, and I like NFL football as a friend. If you mention the Red Sox we won’t run out of things to talk about for hours.

-I speak in movie references.

-I’m not a crazy cat lady but I do have separate Pinterest boards for huskies, Corgis, and German shepherds, so I probably still have a problem.

-Camp La Vida was home for most of forever, and I still feel weird without it. Those stories live over here.

-I’d rather hear about you than talk about me. Introduce yourself!


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