About Me

while you’ll get to know me a lot better as you read, you might not even start reading if you don’t know me at all, so i’ll help you out a bit and give you a head start here.
-my name is linda, but the more you hang out with me, you’ll probably start calling me linder; everyone else finds their way there eventually. =)
-i’m 22, but look 12. on top of it all, i’m very short, i wear kid size shoes(hey, they fit, they’re cheaper, and a kid’s 3 is a lot easier to find than a women’s 5), and i don’t sit still very much.
-i just graduated from CIU with a degree in youth ministry. college was the weirdest four and a half years of my life, in that i’ve never loved so much and hated so much about the same thing. as you read through more of my stories you’ll see more what i mean by that.
-i love ice cream. a lot. sometimes i eat it for breakfast. or at 3 am when i can’t sleep. it’s kind of my answer for everything.
-i’m a fan of books. as extroverted as i am, i can survive for a fair amount of time by myself as long as i’ve got things to read…but even then, i’ll eventually go crazy if i don’t have someone to talk to about what i’m reading.
-i’m in love with summer camp. spending ten weeks a year pouring into amazing little girls, all alongside of my best friends, is the most ridiculous blessing God has ever given me.
-i’m one of the most spontaneous people you’ll ever meet, and i can make anything fun. making plans sets you up for disappointment, going with the flow means you can’t help but love life.
-i love people. i love hearing their stories. the more different you are from me, the more i’ll want to know you. it’s very hard for me to find someone i can’t be friends with.
-and if you know nothing else about me but this, you have to know: i’m head over heels in love with Jesus Christ, and getting crazier about him every day. i deserve nothing, yet he’s given me everything. he’s my savior, my father, the most perfect friend i’ll ever find, the love of my life, and the reason for everything i do. i hope you could already tell that. =)
-also i LOVE making friends. so leave me a comment and introduce yourself! if i don’t know you in real life, i already like you for stopping by here.

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