How To Read This Blog

what it’s all about
one summer at camp, one of my campers commented during Bible study, “you have a story for EVERY bit of every lesson.” i asked her if that was a bad thing, and she quickly said, “no, i like them! it shows how all this stuff really works for real people.”
i love people who tell stories, and i love when my own stories help people. so i started writing mine.
when i learn something, the first thing i want to do is share it with someone. and i’ve found that the best way for me to do that is simply by sharing the story of how i learned it.
so, among a few other things, that’s what you’ll find here.

getting what you want out of individual posts
i have lots of thoughts, and i use lots of words to share them.
some people think i use too many, while others tell me that what makes my “voice” unique is that i write my thoughts exactly how i think them.
i agree with both. obviously i can express my thoughts much more simply than i do…but i LIKE to explain them.
so i tweak things a bit to make my stuff easy to read for anyone, whether you have a lot of time on your hands and are usually entertained by my rants, or get easily distracted and need a way to quickly find the point of a post.

this is how it works.

1. the main points, or the meat of my thoughts, are bold or REALLY BIG. the extra important things are BOTH.
side note, i am not a 12 year old learning to text; i rarely write in all caps. there just isn’t an option in this page editor to change the font size.
if you’re short on time or patience, this makes it easy to skim my posts and get the idea.
2. likely unnecessary additions to my thoughts are in smaller print than normal, but not so small that you need bifocals to see them. these are more for your entertainment than to get the point of the post across, and i don’t put them in very often.
3. quotes, whether from song lyrics or famous people or wise friends of mine, are italicized and in blue text.
4. everything else looks like this. plain old, standard size, black and white print.

i really like metaphors, as you’ll figure out pretty quickly, so here’s one for the road.

if the big bold text is the meat(the most important, the part that fills you up the most), then the normal size is the potatoes(the stuff that’s good but not absolutely necessary). and i guess you could say the quotes are the vegetables(good for you, liked by some but not all) and the small print is dessert(you either love it, see it as unnecessary, or aren’t a fan at all. no in-betweens).
that isn’t the best i’ve ever come up with, but it matches my point here well enough.

getting what you want out of the blog as a whole
everything i’ve ever read about how to get people to read your blog says to have one theme. but i love too many things to pick only one to write about, which i don’t see as a problem because this means there’s something for everybody.
i’m organized in a way that reflects how naturally unorganized i am. to keep things straight, i have to have more categories and subcategories than any normal person would need. but this is for your own good, because otherwise you’d never be able to find anything here.

also, as much as i love writing for people, i love talking with people even better. i don’t write just to talk to myself; i want to help people think, and i want to start conversations. so if you have a thought or a question or an opinion about anything you read here, leave a comment and tell me so! especially if you know a way to help me get better.

and if you like what you read, don’t keep it to yourself; tweet me, share me on facebook, spread my words however you so choose. just don’t copy them and call them yours, because that’s just lame. and also possibly illegal…but definitely lame.

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